DA 6 AMAD chief Ma. Teresa Solis, Richard Razon and Jesus Sison of CRFV, DA 6 Admin chief Zarlina Cuello, Planning division chief Mira Talabong, and Ulysses Anongo of CRFV.

Beyond all innovations and advancement in technology, human values have also evolved through time. The common Filipino values were laid into rest for quite some time which triggered different issues and national illnesses of the society that we are facing right now.

The GAD-PAVES aims to strengthen and restore the values of different government officials and employees in the country. Its main goal is to encourage them to be Godly, to develop love of country, to be humane, to love the environment and to develop habits of discipline, order and cleanliness. Through this, national illnesses of the country will be eradicated.

National illnesses that were identified are graft and corruption, patronage and politics, apathy and passivity, power and mendicancy, factionalism and division, lack of patriotism and loyalty, immorality, juvenile delinquency, substance abuse problem and gambling, and rebellion and resurrection.

CRFV encourages participants to strengthen positive Filipino traits such aspakikipagkapwa-tao, family centeredness, joy and humor, flexibility, industrious and hardworking, and ability to survive.

Because of the rising cases of immorality in different gov’t offices, the council also emphasizes to value the sanctity of marriage. By strengthening its foundation, problems in finances, personal differences, unfaithfulness and vices will be put into halt.

“The heart of good governance is all about public accountability.” Government officials and employees are encouraged to familiarize themselves with accountability laws and administrative code of the office. Public servants should internalize office norms and values such as professionalism, justness and sincerity, political neutrality, responsiveness to the public, nationalism and patriotism, commitment to democracy and simple living.

But above all, Mr. Jesus V. Sison of CRFV encouraged participants to have a selfless love for their work, workmates and the country. To work for pure public service for purity is one’s best self-defense.

DA RFO 6 was the first to host GAD-PAVES among all DA offices in the country. #(AJMSubade)


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